TV Show Season. #BOTY2019 Day 2/25

images (22)images (22)

Day two of December means that 2019 has 29 days left to get to 2020. Day two is about what many of us refer to as series. I don’t normally follow many of them at ago, for the last 10 years have been following two of them closely. By closely I mean fan clubs and internet communities. They are the big bang theory and the Game of Thrones.

The Big bang theory has been running for a longer time than the latter. So this year they both ended this year.

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If I was to pick one, it would The Game of Thrones.  It is one TV show that is like a like that lover that is sometimes good and other times the worst thing you have come across.

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Am trying to think of a world issue that The Game of Thrones didn’t address, the last season even took on racism in the North, to me the Night King represented climate change, so in the season finale the world got together to take him on but still there was that group “climate change is a hoax” just like in the real world.

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There was a time they had ladies take on leadership, and it was a good motivation for young ladies.

For the 10 years of the show I learned one thing, always to feed my dogs. My dogs can mean many things that can turn on me if I don’t play my card well especially how I treat those below me at a given time.


Now those shows are behind us am going to give Billions my heart because its something. There is also Pearson a spinoff from Suits that I watched half. American Gods is something too.

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My best of 2019 TV show season is the Game of Thrones finale, for those that failed to appreciate it you were not following in the first place, the heart break would have been the Night King taking the Iron throne.

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