After the rainy and dark days.

We all know we are imperfect, even the best of what we call perfectionists know it clearly, and that’s the reason they push the limits of our human nature.

Nobody can blame as for being imperfect since none of us was there on that day in the garden of eden for those whose believe in that logical story.

So today we take out insurance plans of all kinds, for those that have money and invest a lot risk assessment is the order of the day.

But do we plan for eventualities when it comes to matters of the heart, because they have to be. Anyway let me live that at that and put down this for those happening and are going to happen.



Can I say something creepy and scary, something far from this moment, for certain I know not all days are going to be blessed with sunshine.


Babe there are rainy and dark days are head of us, me and you.


They will be too dark that we wont see eye to eye.


Days of disagreements like countries heading to war.


Days that will pass with us not saying a word to each as though we were born speechless, no good mornings and good nights.


Days that will signal the need for individual space as a woman and man.


In those days cold and dark as they may turn out to be you should please remember when we first connected as friends moving in time, from bad pasts all hurt and in pain with many insecurities.


With demon so strong which now lay deep asleep in us.
But we were able to be, what we are now.


When the rain stops and its not cold any more my dearest I promise to be ready.


With the strongest of willingness to start like it’s the first time.


With all the lessons of what pain and hurting is and how we managed the that time.


Take my word I will not want another but only you, on my part.


I will want the sunshine to be back with you at my side.


I will want you to be my safe place and my home again.


To continue as we are today after the rainy and dark days are gone.

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