I love you, why you?
you cause me my true love
you are my addiction
I don’t think I can get tired of your hugs and how you touch me both on the outside and inside
When you are away it’s darkness without love.
Nothing seen or unseen, here on earth or out to the stars and maybe heaven is like you
now that you are here with me I can’t even figure out where you are from
how you got inside me is another thing I can’t get my head around,
I knew how to get by before you happened to be, but I don’t think I can go on without you.
My sunshine, my best friend, my confidant
You are all that I need in this not so nice world.
Your kisses are an enchantment, you are my favorite person in the milky way galaxy
beautiful is an understatement
you bring color to my life
You ended my darkest night
You light itself
that’s why I do

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