When they have talking eyes
then they make us quiver a little
but talking to them is not hard
and when around them the feeling worthiness comes
they make us feel like we are in paradise
the flowers blooming beautifully and the evening sun shining
trees and fruits bringing out their eyes
realizing what beauty is
both inside and outside
not wanting anybody to wake us from our dream
they appear to know no darkness
but can’t imagine life without demons
their natural hair creates images of perfection
we never want to stop meeting them
can’t lie about how they stun us, take our breath away, shake us up
not just their practice and beauty
but their personality
and their talking eyes which have cried before
but we want to heal them, not wanting them away
taking flavored beer
them in a lash to check in
leaving us in a late evening vacuum
but they know clearly we don’t want them to go yet
with a smile they wave goodbye, taking an über
on a warm night
woah crush.


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