So we jazz a lot, like talking
then the touching
and the tapping all the time
the teasing you
the things we do,
okay what do
when I like you, like you
Every other day I see you
my eyes light up,
my blood races, heart beats like hell
as though have had a lot of cappuccino
made with love
it’s hard to let a day go by
Without talking and teasing you
in my sleep we hold hands
hold very tightly maybe because
of the teasing again and again
I know it nags
but I like it
It’s mostly the only way
I can have around.
now its 4 years, it was June remember
I can’t believe I still like you
even when we take some time apart
when we are together it burns up again
can this obsession ever end?
never wanted it to turn out this say so serious a feeling
I mask it away
since you belong to another now
you were never one for me
I can’t tell you in the first place
I don’t want to spoil things
spoil and end our friendship cant stand the thought of us being strangers, colleagues
still I don’t give up yet
wishing one day we will be


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