A letter to Afrobloggers #WinterABC finale

This is the last day of the winter blogging challenge, so this is post 30 of the 30 days 30 blog posts. Many 30s there. This is the last and fourth letter of the challenge.

Dearest to Afrobloggers

To Oden Bruce, Beaton and all those back stage at Afrobloggers, am writing this surely heartfelt letter to make you known to you that through this momentous activity that has covered the continent for the last 30 days I can now bend time, I figured out how to make my day longer for me to write everyday. Am now very confident more than before in my content. My stats are dream and I never want to wakeup from it. With this community that have been gifted with I will never thirst for inspiration.

Mwebale nyo “thank you so much” with these 30 prompts and you regularly sharing and promoting my every post, thank you for the global connection your have shade my way, and a different blogger for the better with the education have received throughout #WinterABC.

I also don’t have to explain to my friends about the challenge being called WinterABC everyone now knows about it.

Please don’t stop uniting Africa am sure history will judge you right and write.

Looking forward to your next challenge you will bring our way.

For the love we share of blogging

Musanjufu Benjamin Kavubu
From Uganda.

One thought on “A letter to Afrobloggers #WinterABC finale

  1. Thank you Benjamin you have been a star and June was such a short month, I never make it a habit of checking my stats but I did see one of those alerts about having reached a new level of views per hour and that was all thanks to this wonderful community
    stay writing

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