A letter to my readers #WinterABC

As this all thing of blogging everyday for a month fast comes to an end, the prompt that is most important is upon us. A letter to readers of my blog. In the past in was not even sure if my blog had visitors at all, but yesterday I got a notification about increased traffic of an average of 33 per hour from zero.

Dearest Readers,

Am writing this to those of you who have made it a habit to pass by hear, for those that have only come once I don’t know how to get to you, for those coming for the first time I hope you don’t stop.

I know for those that keep coming most of you are bloggers too, so you must have some kind of idea on what this means.

I want to thank you very much to visiting my space on the internet, am not one of those writers than can paint with word thank yous better than this. You are the reason partly to why I maintain this blog.

I have written a lot of things this June so I won’t say much I promise to keep blogging and I kindly ask you to keep reading, I know most times I hurt my readers because it’s what I set out to do in the first place to write an say the unsaid, for you to ever enjoy what I post you have to try and follow where this blog came about.

I request for your future criticism both positive and negative through your comments, I will respect with thoughtful writings, backed with fairly logical evidence. Am also open to quest writers.

Time is not stopping, so I will leave it at this for now.
For the love we share for information

Musanjufu Benjamin Kavubu
From the pear of Africa.

2 thoughts on “A letter to my readers #WinterABC

  1. Benjamin its been an awesome journey and June has been fun also congrats on getting the your stats are going crazy, I was super excited when it got it too wondering who all these people reading my blog were and thanks to the Afrobloggers family we know where to find a pool fellow African bloggers

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  2. Great job at posting everyday for a month! I don’t know if I can do that. 🙂 And once again, thanks for sharing about your part of the world – the world is huge and information doesn’t always flow properly. The ability to learn more is a blessing.


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