Doing the second letter of the challenge but not the last one, since the remaining prompts of the WinterABC are all letters. Time travelling to that time of school when we used to do letter writing. Let be get to it


Dearest to you all,

Am Musanjufu Benjamin Kavubu from Uganda and through my blog benjamin WATCH have been apart of my first blogging challenge.

Am writing this to and for those bloggers that been my role models throughout this activity that is coming to an end.

To Eunice Tossy the light of Tanzania, to Wendy Nyakudzi, to Nabule Belinda my heart has had a voice too, to Precious Melody I don’t think I will ever fail to find my self, to HeyAnci, to Ernest Jacob Taupe a special member of this legion, to Bex is there a topic you have never written about, to Beatonm am my own muse now, to Josephine Amoako the Ghanaian celebrity in Uganda, to Jaber Jasunga, to Angelmine, to Dante of Dialectics, to Ivan A. Rackara from home, to Oden Bruce one of the parents of the challenge, to Nana Asabre, to Mercy of Makupsy, to Chechen Winnie, to Lila Writes, to everyone that came back every day to read.

I don’t believe in fate or even destiny but I know every time people come into our live it’s for a reason, always a good reason. Your comments both on the blog and twitter were like rain to the ground. The thought of people so far away from me save for a few Ugandans, having an impact on me on a daily basis over joys me. I believe in Africa more than I did in the past because of you all who have been in this challenge.


I didn’t only learn from your regular writings, but they gave me reason not to drop out a long the way. You set the bar higher everyday and I was motivated to leap further every morning. Your silence on some days, that motivated me to be louder the next day.

I am ever committed to keeping to the unwritten values that have seen this new legion of brave wording warriors that joined made up citizens of Africa.

Thank you, my super heroes

For the love we share, the love for story telling, the love to create a new world, the love to preserve information.

Will always blog so long as I live.