Lessons from the #30days30blogposts

So it’s day 27 of the #30days30blogposts challenge by Afrobloggers. So 3 days left that is breaking my heart. Every thing that has a beginning must have an end just like this #WinterABC.


Today is about the lessons am taking away from this challenge personally, am so excited that have come this far. I have not missed a day or even been late, making feel like I have wings to fly anywhere with writing. Apologizes am getting so full of my self. But have reached some what new heights.

Throughout the last 26 days have became creative, on day 11 when we were doing a letter from home I had to dig or even fish deeper to come up with the piece for the day. At the start of the challenge I promised my self not read other peoples work before I had posted mine, for those who have been reading I think it’s only the lady from Ghana Josephine who would post earlier than me. So I have learned to push my creative abilities and it’s something that have picked up due to the regular blogging.

I have figured out the trick to grow traffic, am that blogger that never cared about the numbers at all. But posting regularly on unique topics comes unique visitors to my blog. After day 5 I was asked if I was a business blogger and then I had to point out that actually I was taking part in the African blogging challenge. And whoever comes for a specific topic they come back the next day.

I now well know how to consolidated my digital foot print. The daily posting on social media has given me that social media presence that is beyond Uganda and East Africa and Africa to the most distant parts of the world. To even places where English is not the first language.

Am forgetting community, when you read blogs from those taking part in the writing challenge and comment then share on Facebook or be it Twitter and Instagram other blogs do the same to you which has expanded my community.

Am certain my writing is not the same as it was before June started. So it has improved the more I write the better have gotten. They say to be good at something you do it for 18 consecutive days. Research has it that how many became chain smokers. Now it’s day 27 am for sure a go to in blogging.

To be an influencer, you have to earn trust from readers and that is achieved by blogging everyday.

Am now more flexible and am starting to think writing blocks are a hoax.
Through the last 26 days I have gotten more intelligent through interactions with some of Africa’s finest minds. I don’t know everything but everyday I have been learn new things, from writing styles to cultures and new app for my phone and blogging to foods, places thanks to the #WinterABC.

Am not the same blogger anymore.

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