These photos and what they mean to me.

Day 26 of the #WinterABC by the Afrobloggers is another tough one but am a small time photography enthusiast so this should be a cup of coffee.

So we are supposed to tell the tale behind the photo from our/my view point. One picture can say a thousand words, but I will try to keep my descriptions short and let the photos do the talking today. Temping to turn this to a photography blog.



This is somewhere in the northeast of Uganda, the location should not be the main issue anyway. So hope you are thinking what am thinking. So the leader of the so called free world claims climate change is a hoax and it’s not there. No matter where you are climate change is real and it’s affecting all of us to the bone. On that note I think we have had the coldest June in Uganda ever.



This photo was taken on the cost of Turkey and it was viral for a while. That is a dead body of a child who drowned at sea as his family was fleeing from Syria, that place that has become an arms testing ground. So the refugee crisis is real, conflict of any mini is bad for humanity. Speaking of refugees Uganda has the height number of refugees in the world. There is too much fighting going on around the world.



This photo was taken from the moon from that Successful Apollo mission. So that’s our home, it’s the only one we have and it’s what God gave us, so beautiful but delicate. Do we care anymore?


images (1)3157517247297630999..jpgso this photo is about one year now. Love in it’s full sense. But it’s not love I want to out line, so Josephine from Ghana has written about left over women, even men today are facing pressure to marry, Hurry and Meghan have everything but they both found love after they had both past 35 years on this planet. So no need to rush and get stressed out, we are millennials everything just seems to be late for us.



To many people water is scary, and it represents sadness and darkness. To me water is for being free and relaxing and energy and vastness.

Am sure people out there have completely different views about my 5 photos. But they are photos they always tell things differently.

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