Local Brands doing most

Now that day 24 is past, one of the most critical days of this 30 days 30 blog post challenge meaning we now have five days to go since this is a write up for day 25, which I also find as challenging as yesterday’s prompt. Uganda is one of those places where neocolonialism is very strong that local brands are covered up by the foreign ones, the dark side of capitalism in Africa. That doesn’t not mean I will not blog today, can’t break my commitment when there are just 5 days left.

There are brands like Inknet poetry, it’s a small poetry group started by students back then in 2016 I think, they promote and do poetry, it’s headed by a young photographer called Ssemwogere Daniel.


There is Kitara Nation another poetry group that performs mostly at the national theater in Kampala more than any other group, they work with schools in Uganda to promote poetry and performing arts and its led by Kagayi Ngobi

The Uganda Blogging Community, it’s the most organized blogging authority in the land, they always organize blogging workshops that aim at training lay Ugandans to take on content creating and have there work out there for the public.

There is Cheza Sports in the sporting sector, its behind Kwepena a local Ugandan game that many confuse with dodge ball. Cheza Sports organizes events that promote local games not just Kwepena, there games that you will only find in Uganda and Cheza Sports is trying to one day have them at the Olympics.

There are also digital unicorns too like a social media app called Tobonge and an electronic game for Android devices called Mweso a local board game.

They are all small projects but they are more connected to Ugandans compared to the big multinational corporations. And I believe for now they still have the interests of the locals.

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