Racism and the Pride

Day 24 of the WinterABC is one that we can look back onto a few years from now when political ambitions have come up, or when a big gig comes up like hosting the Oscars African version and make or kill opportunities because of the sensitivity of the prompts for today.

There are times have complained about the French Soccer National team. I have failed to find it in me to support the Springboks the South African Rugby team, I feel there are fewer Whites on the other hand on the Bafana lineup. Whenever Rugby Cranes(Uganda) play Windhocks the Namibian national team the darkness against the Boers overflows from within me. I know it’s wrong and am trying my best to work on it.

To me personally I think we all have racism within us, but then again it’s our personal choice to decide on what we do afterwards. I have friends who think rock music is racist and I always tell them they are being racist with that claim. At the same time I don’t know how to deal with those that are publicly come out and declare their hate for another race that they don’t belong, who in most cases are better than those that are never clear about their side.

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When were growing up racism was not even close an issue, but after the history, political studies and information that was designed to create divisions many started to be suspicious of those from other races, yes this intellectual thing natures the racism trait slowly, the mathematics of the whole game is a bit complex.

Away from the local scene, since here in Uganda tribalism is way bigger than racism. Am for black lives matter allover the world. But the fight against racism should never be used as an excuse for crime and failure to finish up assignments. When racism is used to pave way for autonomy of certain regions of existing countries then that in it is racism, fire with fire.

So am not homophobic but I take the words at 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and 1 Timothy 1:10 very seriously. A part from being a Christian am Ugandan, what am try to say in the many languages that are spoken there are no words for gay, lesbians and any of those words that make up the LGBTTQQIAAP. We don’t skin homosexuals in Uganda as Hollywood has put it in the past.

They need the all alphabet

My problem with gay rights is the scope of the LGBTTQQIAAP. But again as a Christian am not homophobic, I watch CNN and Anderson Copper is my role model despite his sexual orientation, that applies to Richard Quest a gift in the information sector.

And what should we do to past scientific research on the issue.

Sexuality should not be prioritized when Africa need food.

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