Unpopular opinions: Israel is an Apartheid State. #winterabc day 21

Today the world has many unpopular opinions, it just depends on which side of the world you are, like the Vatican’s role in the Rwandan genocide, the west and Libya. America and Somalia, France it’s former colonies only the Italian minister for interior has addressed the matter boldly but yet that’s when they have called him populist. Russia and Creamia, Spain and Catalunya, Britain and Scotland, the Iraq that disintegrated. ISIS and Al Qaeda never attacked Israel. The need for the Kivu state in the East of D.R.Congo. You start up a conversation about these or any and you will create enemies, or stand to be called crazy.

This week I got an email from one of the online newspapers I subscribe to from Israel. The Haaretz, which is cerebrating 100 years making it way older than the State of Israel. In the Email Amos Schocken wrote this down “In its 71 years Israel became a great success, but it is also under a serious threat, not only of (from) Iran but also, and maybe more so, because of its inability to develop a strategy to deal with the occupation in the West Bank and the resulting apartheid situation vis-à-vis the Palestinian population. Within Israel has created a divided civic society, with the government pushing towards Jewish nationalism, pressure against free speech of NGOs and culminating in the new Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People, which essentially degrades Israeli non-Jewish citizens to a second-class status.” This made day 21 of this blogging challenge a bit easy.

It’s an Israeli source that points to a possible apartheid against the Palestinians. But this has been common and public knowledge for the last 100 years when the area was still an international zone that’s what they used to call it before they stole the Palestinian land to form a Jewish state after the second world war.

ANC has always told the world that there is an apartheid going on in the so called only democracy in the middle east, but what have international diplomats called Desmond Tutu! “he is growing too old” and put all the that South Africans have said about how Israel operates. Who better in this world can identify that savage and barbaric system of doing things than those from the rainbow nation. As an African my self I can firmly say what they call an occupation in the West Bank is colonialism.

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Christians especially the evangelicals don’t want to hear any one say these things because they claim the Jew who don’t believe in Jesus Christ the son of God that are God’s chosen people up to this day. In the year 33 C.E., the fleshly nation of Israel lost its claim to be God’s chosen nation when it rejected God’s Son, the Messiah. The Messiah himself put it this way: “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killer of the prophets and stoner of those sent forth to her . . . Look! Your house is abandoned to you.” (Matthew 23:37, 38) Jesus’ statement came true when in 70 C.E., Roman legions destroyed Jerusalem along with its temple and priesthood. Today is not about discussing the Bible or why the Jews are still waiting for what they call the real Christ. But it’s about the rights of the Palestinians in their own land.

Whoever has questioned the status of the freedoms that Palestinians have in their stateless or countryless situation had been called that word that describes hate for the Jews, they are the only group of people in the whole world that has a word that describes hate for them.

Because of what Europe, America through Adolf Hitler did to them, they have gained the right to mistreat the Arabs in Palestine. I blame the all world for what the Nazis did to the Jewish people, for countries like Britain to give asylum to Jews during Hitler’s carnage they had to become Anglicans first that was a condition, other European countries let Hitler take the Jews to concentration camps without any objections and there is evidence that the USA refused a boat a big one to enter the their territory carrying Jews and they were sent back to Europe to be burned. Same attitude the world had during the Rwandan genocide, is the same they have had during the operations of Bokoharam in Nigeria and the same for the war in Yemen. Any still on the issue of the Palestinians.

There is overwhelming evidence that the system instituted by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people meets the UN definition of Apartheid.
In effect, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory constitute one territorial unit under full Israeli control. As of 2016, of the total population of people that live in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, around 6.45 million are Jewish Israelis and about 6.41 million are Palestinians.
Under Israeli law, and in practice, Jewish Israelis and Palestinians are treated differently in almost every aspect of life including freedom of movement, family, housing, education, employment and other basic human rights. Dozens of Israeli laws and policies institutionalise this prevailing system of racial discrimination and domination.

Segregation is carried out by implementing separate legal regimes for Jewish Israelis and Palestinians living in the same area. For example, Jewish Israeli settlers living in the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank are governed by Israeli civil law, while Palestinians also living in the occupied West Bank are governed by Israeli military law.
Israel carries out various acts that are prohibited by the UN Apartheid Convention including:
● Forcible transfer of Palestinians to make way for illegal Israeli settlements.
● Preventing Palestinians from returning to their homes and lands.
● Systematic and severe deprivation of fundamental human rights of Palestinians based on their identity.
● Denying Palestinians their right to freedom of movement and residence.
● Murder, torture, unlawful imprisonment and other severe deprivation of physical liberty, especially of Palestinians living in Gaza.
● Persecution of Palestinians because of their opposition to Apartheid.

In 2009, an international team of legal scholars working under the auspices of the Human Sciences Research Council in Cape Town, South Africa published a study called Occupation, Colonialism, Apartheid? The study concluded that the Israeli state has imposed a state of Apartheid on the Palestinian people, in that Israel is guilty of many of the practices and policies of Apartheid identified in the Apartheid Convention adopted by the United Nations in 1973, and that these acts together constitute the “integrated and complementary elements of an institutionalised and oppressive system of Israeli domination and oppression over Palestinians as a group; that is, a system of apartheid.”

The study noted that Israel has implemented all three of the pillars that characterised apartheid in the South African context, namely: (a) the categorisation of the population along racial lines; (b) the segregation of the population on the basis of this categorisation into different geographical areas allocated to different racial groups; and (c) a system of laws and policies that subject the Palestinian people to extrajudicial killing, torture and arbitrary arrest and detention, as well as sweeping restrictions on Palestinians’ rights to freedom of opinion, expression, assembly, association and movement.


So the writing is clear on the wall, but humans like they have done throughout history have chosen to look a side. That’s my part anyway I don’t think I count among those who continue to pretend.
#WinterABC unpopular opinions.

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