5 books I wish everyone could read

When I pick up a book to read my main reason is to enjoy, to make time pass by and then the rest come in later in the course of the read. Have never really enjoyed biographies and motivational books, for example, Donald Trump never puts it in his books that not paying taxes increases his net worth, so are other people that are considered to be successful.

So have not made up my mind yet about my final 5 books I think you should really check out, but it won’t be so hard have not read many books in the first place. I will start with number five counting down to one.

5. Kramer vs Kramer
It’d a 1977 novel by Avery Corman, you guys should go look for it if you haven’t come across it. I like this book because I fear divorce if I ever marry. This book points out clearly the stress and damage divorce and war for custody for a child can bring about not just to the two battling parties and the children but the society at large.


4. Kane and Abel
It’s done by Jeffrey Archer, released in 1979, first I like it’s a timeline and set in what I would refer to as the modern times, it covers both world wars and it doesn’t leave out the realities of war to mankind. It then covers the lives of men from two different parts of the world, with completely backgrounds that seem to never meet, but they meet and collide so hard that they shake the world. It’s fictional but really moving and it has to make you reflect on life as we know it.


3. Memorable Amnesia
It’s an anthology of 70 poems done by Jade Novelist and Justified Ecstasy/Patricia Mugabi a Ugandan blogger/poet/hair expert/ and a student of economics in Nairobi. They write about mental health in an African setting, from the smallest unit of a family. They made the whole subject cool like Prince Hurry is doing. Sadly have failed to find out who Jade Novelist really is.

2. Mixed blessing
It’s a romance novel written by Danielle Steel in 1993, I was like 1 year then. I have read mostly her novels because mum is like a collector of her work so they are free to me. The thing about this particular one is about starting a family. When people get married and they have to make da decision if they are to bring other lives into this world and how too to it and most importantly how to handle the issue of finding it hard to have kids. The stress that follows and what happens to the two when they can’t become three yet.

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1. Bible
It’s not the oldest book, but it has the oldest information from the beginning of days, it has the history of time and it gives the real theory of everything. I don’t know a topic or sector that is not written in the Bible since it even tells the future clearly.

Those are 5 five books I want everyone out there to check out.

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