A place where a stick in the ground will have leaves the next day

Day 17 of the 30 days 30 blog posts challenge is about marketing our home countries. Am Musanjufu Benjamin Kavubu the first of my name, only a person from the Ganda tribe and from the Nvubu(Hippo) Clan can have name similar to mine in Uganda. Uganda is that place in the great lakes region of Africa where you push a stick in the ground in the evening and the next day it has leaves and roots.

Have been looking for a guest blogger who specializes in tourism all morning but have failed to get any yet so let me challenge my self and try to be a tourism ambassador since it’s the #WinterABC.

Have been to one National Park three times out of the many that we have in Uganda, that’s the Queen Elizabeth National Park in the Western region of Uganda, also located in the Western arm of the Great Rift Valley and one of those places where creation is still taking place or Landforms and geothermic reaction in our planets in crust is still very active and evident.

One thing one should never miss when they visit the park is the Kazinga Channel a small waterway, not man-made, it’s all natural with the largest concentration of Hippopotamus in the world, the place has elephants swimming and moving about all over the waterway that connects two rift valley lakes which are 32 kilometers apart Lake Edward and Lake George. It’s at that place where I ever saw eagles in my life, those things are huge and I don’t know if they are beautiful or ugly with that wingspan.

Queen Elizabeth National Park and the many craters about 20 of them and others. Dry ones are not the only tourist attraction. From my home in Seeta Mukono, a few kilometers from Kampala the capital am looking at Lake Victoria one of the largest lakes on the planet with fresh water the early Europeans had confused for an inland sea. Uganda has other 9 national parks namely; Murchison falls national park which is the largest, Bwindi impenetrable national park – the home of mountain gorillas, Kibale forest national park – the home of Chimpanzees, Lake Mburo National Park being the smallest national park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Semuliki National Park, Mt Elgon National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Rwenzori National Park.


National Parks are not the only thing for tourism in Uganda, we have culture and heritage. We have more than 100 languages spoken so the people are worth the visit.

Let me leave it here, when I get a guest tourism blogger that accepts my request I will add their link.

5 thoughts on “A place where a stick in the ground will have leaves the next day

  1. Wow lovely, looks amazing been to Uganda twice sadly was just in the captial for work stuff. Hope one day can visit for Tourism. I totally feel you about having a tourism expert talk about it, so you do not have to write lol, similar challenge here I haven’t even posted my post yet.

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  2. I need to visit this place, next time I am in Uganda I will let you know.

    Needless to say, Uganda feels more African to me, I love Uganda, and I have Juliana Kanyomozi song on my phone😂😂😂😂

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