Should Africans go work in the Sands, modern day slavery day 16/30 #WinterABC

Day 16 is about advocacy, am supposed to write about an issue I feel is not talked about enough and I will go with their new diaspora in the Middle East. I believe Africa’s sons an daughter’s don’t get in-depth information about the Arab world and how Arabs have viewed the status of blacks for thousands of years.

If they kill their very own in the most of dehumanizing way and greatest of brutality what will hinder them to doing to Africans who are considered nothing to people like Jamal Khashoggi whose body vanished in thin air. When the Crown Prince was put in power by his father in Saudi Arabia he arrested other members of the royal family in funny schemes. What will happen to an African lady working as a maid?

African governments are selling their citizens to the middle east mostly to the Gulf countries to work in modern day slavery since they have failed to create jobs on the continent. It’s clear in black and white. Today they claim that they are smuggled when they well know the lords that lead the smuggling rings all over the continent.


Many African and Asian countries have banned the recruitment of domestic workers for countries in the Middle East who subscribe to the “kafala” system where foreign maids are legally bound to their employer and have limited rights and can take advantage of their position and many women are overworked, underpaid and physically abused. But Africans are not taking the bans seriously

We have had stories of ladies being, raped by entire members of a family then some have ended up dead. In Kuwait there are unconfirmed of Africans being used as lab rats it’s easy to believe if you know that Arabs can tend to be animals.

Since most African countries don’t even have diplomatic ties with these gulf states it’s impossible to even investigate these incidents.

images (25).jpeg

In the first place the earnings of Africans in what I call the Sand are not even translated to Laval economies yet, Africans have been in the Arab world for the last 20 years since they started to go operate as military contractors to maids and now drivers.

Testimonies from women who escaped and private recordings show a world of powerlessness and abuse, hidden behind closed doors, but all these are swept under the carpet so fast and long forgotten afterward since there those earning from the slave trade and human trafficking that is in plain sight.

If only feminist movements would come up and enlighten the women of the continent about what the real Arab world is, because there are more women suffering in this all Saga, at least going by the few hundreds of cases that have come up of course,  there are also men in places like Qatar working on the world cup venues and they have a better coverage from the world.

It’s the role of every African to watch out for the ongoing new form of slavery.

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