My Address to the AU. Climate change

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to the AU. If given a chance to address African leaders in my preparation I would think about the two Sudans with the recent campaign of pray for Sudan to the forgotten campaign of Listen to South Sudan. The issue of a free African common market is not yet sealed. The illusions of an African army. The persistent problem of HIV/AIDs would be somewhere in my thoughts. I would think about the possibility of West Africa sliding into an ISIS situation may be that is far fetched.

But instead of talking about education and a trans-African highway, and the question of foreign aid. My pick for a topic would be the environment and climate change.

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Our leader’s presidents, Prime ministers, Kings I would start off, then I would inform them about how behind Africa has been left in the go green revolution. I would point out to them that for Africa to be the leaders of the fourth industrial revolution as it has become the talk in the circles of economists climate change should be of grave concern to everybody who walks the lands of this mighty continent.

I would ask then to invest many resources into education about climate change, encourage research into the field and prioritize eco-friendly projects.

Throughout African history, African societies have gone to war against each other over things like Rivers, fertile land that is arable for purposes of agriculture and food security. What will happen to peace when these natural resources are depleted in Africa? I would ask them.

In 2007 it was established that Africa is likely to be the continent most vulnerable to climate change according to Schneider Boko With high confidence, Boko et al. Climate change threatens to push millions of Africans into poverty by 2030 and will undo the efforts reached in the past.

Mr/Mrs. Chairperson sir/madame thanks for your invitation, with one of the world leaders who think climate change is not real I, therefore, push forward the ideology of African solutions to African problems with regard to climate change. We as Africans have to think outside the box, inside the box, around the box to do something little about climate change if not we risk recolonization again.
Thank you
Musanjufu Benjamin Kavubu from Uganda for the love we share for our continent.

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