My 5 African role models day 14 #WinterABC

Africa is one place that has very many genuine role models from across all walks of life, from security to education and academia to health to the environment to economics. But because of day 14 of the #WinterABC, I can only outline 5 from back in time to today. This got me make a list then I eliminated a number of them till I reached my five for today.

1. Wangari Maathai
At some point she was called crazy because of he advocacy in the 70s, but it was just that she was ahead of her time. At one point she said “African in general need to know that it’s OK for them to be the way they are to see the way that are as strength, and to be liberated from fear and silence “. She was the first woman in East and Central Africa to attain a Doctoral degree at a time when other women her age where giving birth which is not a bad thing.


Apart from her democracy and advocacy in Kenya. She took to the world scene through her Green Belt Movement where she was able to plant 45 million trees.
And about the environment she said “Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive you haven’t done a thing”. That is Maama Wangari Maathia.

images (16)

2. Dambisa Moyo
She is a Zambian economist and a New York times International best seller author. She has made her mark on the world stage through her championing of an Africa without foreign aid. She is a board member of Barclays Bank and ABMiller and Lundin Petroleum. Sounds like a movie for an African woman.

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3. Denis Mukwege
He to is from the present day like Dambisa Moyo, he is from DRC yeah that Congo that has gone through a lot since independence. He is a gynecologist making a scientist. But through his work he turned to being an activist. He works and treats women who have been raped since it had became a huge weapon of war in the D.R.Congo. Dr Denis Mukwege has hence become a human rights activist concerning the issue of rape in conflict. In 2018 he achieved the height of a Nobel Peace laureate. He is my role model big time still practicing medicine he has a lot of time for humanity.


4. Paul Kagame
As a Ugandan am not supposed to be writing about him because of geopolitical friction that is a bit senseless. But I have to point out the African of the year according to Forbes Africa. If you don’t know about the Rwandan genocide that he helped end when the rest of the world was looking on, in fact it’s one of the greatest failures of the United Nations.

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Since taking power in Rwanda he has become what now we call a metaphor of reconciliation. He is also a strong advocate of an Africa for Africa if I may say suggesting new and better models of foreign aid to the continent. He is a blessing to humanity. He may have many critics but he too has enough supporters and admirers to earn him a real place in modern history for a good reason.

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5. Trevor Noah
He is a South African comedian, that’s what he is knot for. He has in the past addressed the issue of racism through his art extensively and I believe he has impacted many like me. He is a producer, and author. He is the first African to have a spot on the daily show in the United states and that has given him the opportunity to be a world political commentator.

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These are my 5 Africans that inspire me. Now I should go read about yours.

4 thoughts on “My 5 African role models day 14 #WinterABC

  1. Paul Kagame is the future to be honest, he has transformed Rwanda, tech wise and even their tourism industry seems to be booming now, he deserves to be on the list for sho.

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