Blogging in Africa

Times have changed over the last 20 years when blogging in Africa was done by foreigners to the continent and it was basically about their experiences of their day to day life in a new place. They did their bit and set the ground for what the millennials that dominate the blogging thing.

Since blogging is done on the internet, I can’t write about blogging and live the latter out of the all thing. The other day according to bloggers taking part in the #WinterABC through the organization of Afrobloggers it was clear on day 10 that Internet penetration in Africa remains low, according to the World Economic Forum the Davos guys Just 17% of North Africans have access to the internet. Although that figure climbs to 38% in sub-Saharan Africa, it remains far behind the OECD group of developed countries, where over 80% of the population use the internet. (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). There are a number of reasons why the internet is a problem on the continent.

Despite the internet issues outline on day 10 of the WinterABC blogging is growing rapidly in Africa. Its one of the few avenues Africans has taken on for freedom of expression, interact and voice out their views to the world about those issues that every human has a right to talk about.

Blogging is also big because it gives a chance to tell the African story the African way #WinterABC Day 12. When you move to countries like Uganda, Namibia and Zimbabwe those in the diaspora and the KINGS nations (Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa) unique economies on the continent in many ways have many blogs that are no longer influencers but authorities in fields of fashion, entertainment, finance and management not forgetting sports. And they have given the continent a new better outlook.

Through blogging, Millennials doing business on the continent are ditching the traditional ways of selling themselves and their products. We are now more interactive with those we seek to sell to because of Blogging.

Blogging in Africa has made people like me who have selective-mutism and introverts air out of views on anything. And its Browning only in Uganda I know about 120 bloggers that associate with Uganda Blogging Community @UgBloc and many others doing simple poetry and photography blogging that influences the information and creative landscape. And this is identical to the other African countries.

As internet usage is projected to grow so will blogging in Africa.

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