The Africa I never read about

This for me is my Africa, the Africa I have grown and lived in. No many have written about the reality of Africa. We always have militant attacks in East Africa including Uganda the last happening in the June of 2010, what did the west refer to the region “Hotbed of terror”-CNN and everyone almost trusts them. In reality, Some Ugandans below 28 are not sure of how gunshots sound. I never read about that Africa.

Day 12 of the #WinterABC gives us the opportunity to paint our Africa and we are not negative of it save for those scholars of the continent who paint the savage and primitive bit of our home.

I never read about an Africa free of civil wars, towards the end of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) are label group that operated in the northern part of Uganda till the early 2000s everybody, the international media painted Uganda live a place that was about to be overrun by rebels. Today we call it negative publicity. You will never read about Somaliland or Puntland the regions of Somalia that have never seen war. The Arab world never wants to acknowledge that Sudan is their farmland or how vital the River Nile flowing from the heart of Africa is to Israel done a full blog about it.

Last week they were in Europe celebrating the end of the 2nd world war, but if it was not for the uranium from the D.R.Congo maybe the war would still be going on. Nobody ever writes about the CIA operations that led to that.

I never read about an Africa full of storytellers, poets, playwrights, composers and musicians, bloggers and fashion designers that give the continent life from every corner. I think we should create our own Oscars and Canes for our arts.

images (14)

Inclusion, I never read about an Africa free from tribalism. I can’t deny that it’s one of our biggest problems but we have had our own way around it for thousands of years and we still do. An Africa of corporation and integration, with things like the East African Community being the prototypes of the European Union.

Lastly, we don’t have formula 1 anymore on the continent, but we have drivers. I never read about the African rallying championship. The biggest football derby in the Egyptian league and it is the most theatrical in the world. I never read about the Elgon Cup one if the biggest rugby tournament in the world is played in Africa by Africans.

There are like a zillion things that are never said about our Africa and am sure day 12 is going to give them lightly through some of Africa’s finest writers and storytellers.

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