A letter from Home Day 11

Letter from home, I can’t get my head around the prompt for day 11. I know what a letter is, have written many and in return received a number of them. I know what home is and I don’t think have had one in life. Home is more than a house. Either parents or yours.

I don’t really have a place I really feel safe apart from water, yes I feel safest when am swimming. I don’t have a place that holds my memories of what I thought I would be when am old unless my brother. He is my three-eyed ravens. I don’t have a place where I am fully respected, because in African households children are not listened to till they are of age and are married with kids of their own. Home or place of origin gets me mixed emotions. And home my country is saddening because the light at the end of the tunnel seems to dim.

My all life I want to create my own home, with those that love me and I love them, cherish them and respect them. With a pet that waits for me every day to get home. A place that will hold memories, joy and a sense of security.

letter from Home

“Dearest” it would read

“We miss you, the kids don’t want to sleep without their bedtime stories read by you. I miss praying with you. The dog paces around your office table and then moves out. The house feels specious whenever you are away for long

“ There is a light bulb to fix in the sitting room” It would continue

“Far away you are trying to do your best for our good which is your interest “

Then the reminders get in

“don’t forget to eat on time, and sleep enough. Don’t worry too much because the plans you put in place have us covered”

“we are waiting for your return all of us so that things can go back to where they used to be”

“taking the kids to school is a bit hectic I realized”

The email would then end

“Get back soon, home misses you”
“Your Sunshine”

That’s how I want my letter from home should read, not too long like those D day letters from the second world war, and to graphic like those dark poems.

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