The class day 9 of the #WinterABC

Day nine reminds of Tuesday evenings at school, we used to have talks and the school administration would invite in an expert from any Field and they would give us a lecture. The all session was called talks. Talking to adolescents is always tricky, they never seem to take anything seriously, honestly I was not in that category. But if you do it the right way they listen. By relating to what interests them.

What would I tell a bunch of teenagers about blogged, there is a lot they should know. I would make it clear to the class that anybody on this planet can and should blog. Adolescents may not enjoy writing in our local setup or even reading. So I would try urge them to read a lot and the benefits like being knowledgeable which is every young persons desire. Then I would tell them to write, and open a blog.


Making blogging normal, I would try to eliminate the notion of writing being for the those considered to be the most intelligent as per to school standards. Every young person out there would be fascinated by the Internet, but how to use it is the problem. I would encourage the class to use the Internet wisely, for research and communication and try to point them to what to look for when they visit the World Wide Web, like which kind of sites to visit according to ones likes, my all life I have always read sports from BBC sports and when I talk about a certain sport my peers think am super human, so if an adolescent who liked movies visited the right sources on the Internet they would be super adolescents, that applies to fashion, aviation, health, military and anything that would take the interest of teenagers.

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I would ask the class of the adult hopefuls to discover themselves, by any means try and error is very okay. I would tell them that its very normal to make mistakes as one is growing up so the quest to self discovery is not always a smooth one for some of us. For some kids they just take up an activity and it works out fine just like a duck took to water. Blogging is always about those things we enjoy, things that are a cup of tea or coffee to us. So I would encourage them to blog about what they enjoy at a time.

Interests change, but why cross a bridge before you reach it. If music is your thing then it would be nice to write about it, or you could blog about the things you hate and why you feel that way about them. Writing has proven to be a good place to pour our feeling as humans throughout history. What a better time to feel so many things than when you are an adolescent. I would tell them to visit their earlier blog posts after they have started writing and experience what crowning up means every after two years.

I would also tell the class about that think they call a global village and how to be part of. Imagine we had adolescents taking part in the #WinterABC from a cross Africa. I would tell them about the possibilities of correspondence writing and working with people from all over the world. Who doesn’t want to be a part of a bigger movement.

There is a lot I would talk about in my address, but I would tell them that being a blogger is cool. Even now that am an adult I still experience the ehh woah when am introduced as a blogger. Imagine the wings an adolescent would get if they established themselves as bloggers.


Am sure at the end of the day a few would pick up the idea of writing. They all can’t it’s in us but having more people write would be a good thing for the next generation.

I would try to avoid things that would make my class feel guilty, adolescents don’t like being hard on them, if you are to sell writing to them you have to be tactical.

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