Technology a curse or blessing Day 8

Technology a curse or blessing
What is the all thing about, widely technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry, but according to today’s prompt I don’t think we can only look at industrial use only but life in general. So as we take on the subject of machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge to examine if it’s a curse or blessing I should concentrate on daily life.

Am from the school of thought that every human achievement, height and advancement comes with a the bad side or curse for today. The blessings of technology on most days out weigh the curses so we can live with them. That’s why there is what we call risk assessments done with technology itself, that help anticipate the curses. Which is a blessing from technology too.

When technology is mentioned we think of WhatsApp, selfies, Instagram, apple, robots, television, transport, conflict/war and forget medicine and how nuclear energy is used in cancer treatment. When the issue of technology comes up, I develop mixed emotions, but deep inside me I know clearly that it’s now part of life and we have to move on with it in all ways.

Can you imagine Africa without the telephone technology, at some point half of the mobile phones in world were on this beautiful continent that was before millennials took over the technology drive. The all communication thing was revolutionized and the all postal sector was forgotten. That was a blessing because we as a people like communicating on a day to day basis. Airtime that’s prepaid calls started in Africa in 1996 South Africa because of the continents thirst for technology. Phones have caused many problems like facilitating crimes and wars particularly in on this continent but we can’t live without the technology. We can bare the curses.


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Digital money, am not talking about Cryptal currency because its not money, am trying to refer to debit cards or ATM card as commonly known at least here in Uganda, the credit card are not a thing for us, we are not good at spending what we don’t have. Because of the technology no body moves with money around. If the networks collapse we suffer a little but we can bare with it since it’s never permanent. Digital money brings me to money transfer and cashless transactions with the power of the phone, thanks to the Kenyans the pioneers of mobile money services as it looks today. Sending money across the world on the phone without even a banking app is truly special and it’s a big blessing however much the system has been used to fund war lords in places like Somalia. We still prefer it to any other way to move money.

Technology and socialization, true this part is the most tricky one resulting into mental health matters that need to be addressed by every single one of us. How much you edit your picture before uploading is a sign that experts point out to be a mental issue. I personally think those whose social life wounded by technology are generally selfish people but its one matter open for discussion. On that note it’s really both a curse and blessings. The blessing of technology and socialization are many for example the whole Winter Blogging Challenge (#winterABC) project that has got Africans writing from various corners of the continent together to write and share ideas is a blessing of technology.

Am not pro technology but an pro life but am also a realist, I well know the danger that hackers pose, the chemical weapons being used in Syria today, the bombing of Gaza by Israel from time to time, the evasion of our privacy by both our governments and foreign through surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence, eavesdropping, cyberespionage. All these are aided by the curses of technology. In most cases they are not for the good of many, I can’t forget the works of the AK47 on the African continent, the contribution to climate change and causes of diseases by industries.
I can’t really draw a specific conclusion on technology being a curse or blessing. It turns out to be a very complex matter.

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