5 apps on my phone I can’t live without

Day 7, “app I can’t live without “ woah that would sound extreme on another day, like have some sort of gods on my phone. So have had a Windows phone for a while, meaning I always have different apps from everybody. Anyway I have those apps that I really need from day to day. Those apps that are not a luxury but a necessity to my life. I will start with the 5th app.

5. Bookviser
It’s an application that has number of free novels. Am an introvert “secret” but a high functioning introvert. So I use bookviser to read war novels, romance, fiction and other genres when am bored. They occupy my and for the entertainment part. I have read a war of the worlds by H. G. Welks on the app and the Return of Sherlock Homes by Arthur Conan Doyle lately.

4. Twitter app
Have been using twitter for about 8 years, since the days of 140 characters, to Instagram being the twitter for people who are slow in between theirs ears, to now when its becoming more of a big toilet wall. I still check it regularly and its how I got to know about AfroBloggers and then the #WinterABC thing. So twitter is important for my blog and connecting with creatives all around the world so I really can’t live without it.
3. A ride hailing app
Those online-enabled platforms that connect between passengers and local drivers using their personal vehicles. Usually they are cheaper than using the traditional established transport systems. I don’t really use them after late nights out. I deleted my Uber app after the murder of jamal khashoggi since I knew before that MBS of Saudi Arabia was one of the major investors any that a story for another day, so I use bolt the former taxify. They rest are not in the Windows store. Am sure we all use ride hailing apps like everyday.

2. WordPress app
This is one app every blogger using WordPress should have. It makes life easy when it comes to blogging on phone. I have found it to be of much help in this blogging challenge. I can work on drafts any time so long as an idea come up in my mind. I don’t need to get to the laptop or desktop to make my post. Am yet to figure out which time zone it’s configured in but its really important.

1. JW Library app
This is the most important and for life is a bit tricky if I don’t have this particular app on my phone. It holds my Bible so it’s the first app I normally look at before I do anything in the morning. It also has other tools that I use to nourish my spirituality. Most people think am numb when it comes to a super being that created everything on earth.

So those are the apps that are like my gods in technology. Yeah there is no news app, twitter is enough, there is no new app again I go twitter. That’s my day 7.

8 thoughts on “5 apps on my phone I can’t live without

  1. Have been reading other peoples pieces and it’s the same things, two apps


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