Why I started blogging Day 6 #WinterABC

I started blogging after I left university in the January of 2017, I had no job so i a lot of l on my hands. I had got in to long discussions that some times got in to arguments with my beer friends . And in one of them a friend told me to start writing about what he termed as my theories. They were theories in some way but I tried to back them up with facts. For example I questioned Israel’s military capabilities and all my beer friends called me crazy. So I did a write up about the all thing and sent it to them. At the same time I was looking for a free platform on the internet to put my one single writing. I tried a few of them but I didn’t like them. I then stumbled on WordPress and just like that I had posted my first write up there on the 10th of January 2017.

I was exited about the layout and interface of the platform, so I did Who owns River Nile another argument, then the Modern Syrian question and 3 more. So I had a total of about 6 article. By the time I did listen to South Sudan my friends were telling I was doing a good job. But my work was long and a bit complex. But I didn’t give up because I wanted to share this information that was somehow hidden, from a normal people. Like Israel’s interests in the River Nile or how the Syrian Civil was about the energy economy of the world.

My resolve to blog was strengthened when I attended a Uganda Blogging Community workshop for new blogger. I went back and looked to the work of Ruth Aine, Patricia Kahill, Pearl Gihora and the late Nevernder and really got inspired to do real blogging after the what I learned from them. So the Bloggers in Uganda then encouraged me to blog, they believed blogging was for everyone.

I also thought about a future where information is going to be the next gold rush, it’s going to be the most expensive commodity and I wanted to create my own information center through my small blog, someone at femiwrite says there no small blogs. One that would avail information at zero cost since internet accessibility is already expensive in Uganda.

My small blog has articles, events reviews, a few poems and two interviews so far. There are times have posted blogs to my self, I don’t just write for readers but also my self. I didn’t know I would do interviews so my original reasons for blogging are dynamic and I don’t know how it will look in the next 2 years.

7 thoughts on “Why I started blogging Day 6 #WinterABC

  1. One day these simple blogs are going to be a valuable commodity in the way you know how those rock paintings by people of old could have been the first blogs and are now heritage sites… (I need to remember this line hahaha)
    .yeah that! !!
    but yeah who knows what power bloggers of today will wield tomorrow?

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