My Business Day #5

A Business I would start if i had money. My business
I have many things I would want to start up if I  had the money. I always think that if am to start a business it has to be a partnership. Let me see I like photography so it’s one thing I would think of, I have also noticed very many opportunities in the fashion industry like a modelling agency, a clothing hub. I also think the sporting sector is still young in Uganda, like a sports club with a number of sports, management of athletes, a health club. Then lastly the education sector.

If I had money I would invest in education specifically in a day school. Today in Uganda education is too expensive and there is a myth that day scholars can’t perform. I would start a school just to debunk the myth. I also don’t agree with the current teaching methods so I would want to create a school for change.

Am not a teacher, my background in the academia is not that big since my parents are just part time lectures for their retirement. So I would go out and look for teachers who can share my objectives and create a partnership to venture into the education business. Teachers who believe that school can be cheaper and students need the input of parents on a daily basis.

To schools can’t even produce book smart citizens, the best out of the education system is programmed people. They can’t fit in society since they have a special kind of code in them that can only address specific circumstances and they can’t deal with unforeseen events, I would to start a school that would change that. One that can create a wholesome person not a robot.
I would set a business plan that would concentrate on lower primary education for about 6 year and then 6 six year later the upper section would set in. There are new careers, not tradition to the Ugandan society, careers like stock photography, creatives, blogging. A School that can produce people to fit the new career. A school  that doesn’t have many subjects that are useless and make management hard.

It would strictly be a day school, making operation costs lower but also enable children go back home everyday to get that psychological bit that only parents can contribute to when they are growing up. A day school that produces academic excellency. At the same time a day school that pays attention to other abilities that children have.

I would want my business to produce people that can express themselves, outspoken, and ready to taken on the world the way it is.

Like any business and since I went to business school a part from the product, I would strive to break even in a short time at low operating costs, creating employment for the society from time to time, as I look at expansion in terms of geography.

If had the money It’s education that I would go for, because it always has a grave impact on society.



5 thoughts on “My Business Day #5

  1. Am taking part in a blogging challenge for the all of June, the topics were suggested from a cross Africa.


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