Three things I wish to do well. #Day4

This one is easy for me since am sure of what I want at least for now. For the things I went to school for am not concerned. I think not even thinking am sure am a good purchasing expert only that am not practicing for now. So I don’t wish to do procurement well. I have tried many things in life, I used to belong to all clubs in school. So writing, Husband and Parenting are the super three things I wish to do well.

1. Writing
I used to write for my self for as long as i remember. In school I was never considered to be anything close to what I do on this blog. I did a poem in 2008 I did a poem at school in front of the all school, we were about 600 students then at Greenhill Academy secondary school. Everyone liked it but not as a poem because they thought it was funny. I went back to my writing closest. Came out to write when Facebook became trendy. Now that I have a blog and many of my friends both old and new, new meaning those that blogging has brought to me and Look at me as an authority in writing, now I take it seriously and wish I would do this whole writing thing well.

2. Husband
Someone always tells men are trash and she outlines’ her valid and logical reasons. We are not perfect and there is no blue print for being a husband. But there are some guide lines and principles in the bible like one at Ephesians 5:28. Today It’s normal to do a pre marriage agreement, one that prepares for divorce. I don’t have the statistics but in most cases it’s being a bad husband that brings about termination of marriages. So I strongly wish to be good at being a husband. I want to be a good head of the family, and disprove the notion of all men being trash. I wish never to fail at being a spiritual head, supporting husband at all times and at the same time loving in the full sense of love. I don’t want to know the meaning of a separation or divorce at all. Being a good husband requires time and other resources so I want to work hard enough to do well the husband thing.

3. Parenting or being a good father
If I ever bring lives into this world, I want to always be that father who knows his son’s dream car or favourite music, a daughter’s best colour and favourite writer. I want to strongly heed the bible’s principle at Colossians 3:21. I want my children to know my face better than my back. I know that if your children run to you fast in case something happens to them you are a good parent that had built a strong bridge with them. I want that to happen always. I want never to miss a class day, a music presentation. I want to be there when my son takes his first glass of wine or the equivalent. To teach my daughter how to drive or the equivalent. If am a good father then they will turn out right.

I wish to be do writing so well, being a good husband in balance with a good father, it starts with me and am sure in that way I will be doing something positive for society.



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