My Dream Life #Day2

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Where we do not delay marriage and kids, or skipping them entirely. When there is not working all the time, often alone, outside the confines of a traditional office and without the camaraderie of co-workers’. The end
For a person like me who lives day by day, this one is a hard one. There are mixed feelings and ideological conflicts with in me about what a dream life should be. In Uganda the life expectancy is about 50 years for men, so any man above that could be undergoing a dream life, a dream is sometimes or most times an impossible event that some how happens.
My dream life, one to be with out problems or going as planned is that classic traditional life for a human. Go to school and do well, then find employment or start a business then start a family if there is a need to and then die at an old age. More of a wish
A dream is also what we wish for. My dream is to have a world that is slightly better than what we have today. If I brought lives in to this world, i would want a life where children don’t live in between parents, in between I mean in turns. It’s one thing I don’t wish for anybody. One of those things i will consider as not so good experiences in life. I dream for my children to grow up with two parents, there real parents. That is one of the things that would make a dream life for me. So am anti single parenthood and divorce one of the things that causes the all thing. There is no perfection so in case of death where children are involved the dream goes bad.
Having a son and being there when he has his first beer, or teaching a daughter how to drive is a another of those things I consider to be a dream life. The world can’t be a better place when we can’t even tell the best colours of those we love. My dream life is so much around family at a time when the definition of the thing is a subject of debate.
Life has the ferbanachi sequence on it, one big circle. If the mathematics between work/private business is to work out then the family unit would not be strained. I dream of bosses who care about the well being of those that work for them. A life without underpayments, and fewer mental health issues that are work related.
Now that I file taxes, a fair tax system would contribute to a dream life, tax system that doesn’t favour my business competitors to affect pricing and profits that i live by. A life where I don’t have to pay someone for nothing to get something that is meant to be free. A life where bankers are more human to care about our savings than their bonuses. That would be a dream life.
If we could make plans that had no risk assessments for war, a world with low possibilities for conflicts of any kind, cold, hot, trade. That would be enough for me. Sorry to insurance companies on that note about me dreaming.
To me as a millennial a dream life is better of what we have today. A dream life is finding my self a live and health in the next six months. A dream life is relative serenity, no fear for war or a climatic apocalypse.

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A dream life can be a wish like to take a walk at 00:00 hours on any day with out hesitator or you could just take the walk even knowing that it could have a bad outcome, make the dream real.












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