Do you write him poems?
Does he caress your skin?
Tell you the tales of sweet nothings?
Does he kiss 💋 your neck?
What of the bite marks?


Do you love more of the things he loves? The rugby in our case
Do you cry when he ignores you? I knew
Do you miss him as much as you did for me?


Does he tell you he loves 💘 you
When it’s cold in the night?
Heating up you inside, Pulling you close to him ?
I have no right to ask Questions: Or Do I ?

I still love you after all this time
I think of you more now that we are not together
More than he possibly can and you know that
But the buts are many and It’s useless today
Woaw we seem so far away from each other.
Since you have given yourself, soul to another
Just thinking
About all the times we said “I love you”
every evening


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