Talking to Rose Basemera fashion and basketball

On my watch on the internet I got to spot a special lady called Rose Basemera I noticed she was putting on her self, meaning her own label YEAH her outfits had her own personal, this was cool but striking factor.

She is a CEO, a model, a designer and on top of it all she is a basketball player making her sports lady. I reached out to her and she agreed to work with me on this special blog featuring her and she is a serious workaholic.

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Before I started asking her questions i had to talk to her friends (two friends), trying to get who she really isย  and this is what they told me.

It is very tough to be involved in true friendship since people always look for what to gain from you. The friendship that I share with Rose is special, divine and a special gift in this life, and for the 9 years I have known her, she is someone i wouldn’t imagine losing. She is someone you wouldn’t know or even expect to get along with but it turns out, she is the best friend you can ever get.

She is amazing, charming, funny, very ambitious, hardworking, a go-getter, a great achiever, tough but playful, a good dancer(but not better than me, ha-ha) and singer, astonishing basketball player, and unbelievably great model. She is my best friend.๐Ÿ™‚

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Rose is a young lady probably in her mid 20s she’s such a hard-working focused and determined young lady, she is willing to go extra miles to hit her set goals but more so for the time I have known her she’s very principled and streight lady a good friend u can’t regret meeting

Rose I call her my champ coz to me i guess she’s a multi talented young lady with big dreams and she’s giving in all her best to always keep it at the top of all that she does

1. If some one asked whose is Rose Basemera? And they are seeking for a bit of your past today in order to try to figure you out.

ROSE: Lemme ask the first question u want like my past.. Not getting it exactly

ME: Basically your childhood and education

ROSE: Well I did nursery at Entebbe Kindergarten school
Primary was at Lake Victoria School
O level I went to trinity college Nabbingo
A level I went to St Mary’s Kitende doing MEG/IT
Then am currently at Makerere university
I was born and I grew up in Entebbe living with both parents and we are five kids. I’ve been into sports ever since I was a kid. Running, sack race,ย 

ME: Are you the only girl

ROSE: No three girls, two boys

2. How do you mix fashion, lifestyle, sports and you are not caught up so much in one, how do you make sure you are not a lost soul?

ROSE: I won’t lie it gets hard balancing everything but the idea is to first get a balance from within oneself and then handling everything will seem easier.. And it’s basics. Plan and put priorities first.

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3. In life there is the money and then peace and happiness. What is to as Rose Basemera the best part of what you do?

ROSE: Honestly or what everyone says to seem like they are Jesus.. To my understanding money brings more peace and happiness compared to poverty. Anyway it depends on how you make your money though โ˜บ

The best part to what I do is the fact that I express myself each and everyday, am doing what I love, I stay fit and in the right shape, get to Meet lots of people , well and other things that come along with what I do

4. Where do you draw your inspiration from in life, what inspires your fashion, your sports?

ROSE: My inspiration is drawn from my goals and future perspirations. And even though she’s not in fashion or sports. Oprah Winfrey made me want to fight for what I love, my passions and dreams

ME: If I may ask what team do you play for

ROSE: Mak Sparks currently

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5. You have taken on this path that our traditional society either finds hard to understand or is considered as a joke, what do your family and friends think about what you do?

ROSE: Well they support me fully and that’s all I need

6. Throughout human history there is negativity and criticism, how do you deal with them? Personally I like critics because they keep us in line or in check, so Rose where do you stand?

ROSE: Someone once told me, “shut them out” that’s for the negative criticism but for the positivity.. Why not, no one is perfect so aiding me is very much appreciated

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7. That fact that your name rings bells out there, what does it take to make it as a model, a fashion go to, a basketball player?

ROSE: It takes time, patience, commitment, handwork, determination, perseverance and being humble. Being humble I mean before u get there and after, sometimes you will need to bend low but do it for a greater tomorrow

8. As millennial we live in a competitive world, with changing trends. How do you stay relevant?

ROSE: Keep up with trends, be creative and versatile. No one loves the same old boring song.
The world keeps changing, all u have to do is keep up

9. We are not perfect, we all have strengths and weaknesses, do you know yours ?

ROSE: Yes I know my weaknesses but I choose not to share them ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

10. In every trade, niche that we take up because of passion or for the money there are challenges, do you mind sharing what you face from time to time?

ROSE: First of all there’s competition. That’s there and it will never end.
Then there’s self collapsing. Like me with everything I do, sometimes it gets too much and I break down.
Society also against some things I do mostly elders (lingerie etc) they categorise you to be something you actually aren’t.
Most are similar to any other niche because some are Constant.

11. For Uganda and East Africa do you think there is a real stable future from what you do?

ROSE: Well there can be ovcos it’s always better out there but I believe you can make it anywhere if it’s meant to be. U can be based in Uganda but grow your brand worldwide /internationally

12. If you were in front of little girls, or any body out there who would want to do what you do, what advice would you have for them?

ROSE: Follow your dreams, never give up, work smart, pray and keep on pushing.

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thank you

2 thoughts on “Talking to Rose Basemera fashion and basketball

  1. Open – ended questions would really make us know more about young Rose, u know? I like the whole set up although the edits seem wanting. Thank you.

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  2. That is so encouraging mostly for the youths out there. Rose, I admire your style,keep it up and work even harder to maintain and achieve your personal goals.

    Liked by 1 person

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