So who changed
When we go around telling people
How we can’t recognize the one’s who made us fall heads over heels
When we are not same person either

When we don’t feel at home anymore with them
When we don’t feel the delicateness they used to cause
When the spark is gone like a sudden rainy day that cuts the sunshine out

When we are an unhappy and it does not bothered them
Think then about
How the two of you were crazy for each other
It was always a two-way thing
How you both didn’t care about anything going on out of your lives

How then did it all change
To emotional chess
On a vast endless chess board
To now the random tweets, and unexplained digital updates

Love is about two letting each other see sides of each other that no one else has seen
Those that even our parents, children, friends don’t know about
Or will ever see

The lonely outings, the hot showers, over drinking and using
What’s with the heartbeat
So, love 💘, dearest, this change how did it all come about


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