2019 will be a long one

A few days and it will be twenty Nineteen and there a few things we know are going to happen in the New Year. For example in 2019 there will be more populists in power, the global economy is going to be very shaky with Brexit, the mega trade war between China and the USA.

NATO will make 70 years but is it still relevant with France’s Macron talking about a European army, after Trump undermining the organization.

Am looking forward to where the Me Too movement will go, here in Uganda we are yet to feel its impact.

I really want to see how Iran is going to deal with the world amidst sanctions from the United States on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Speaking of the Middle East Is the USA leaving the region to Russia after Trump announced that US troops will leave Syria and half of what they have in Afghanistan is to also be pulled out. Still in the region the Israel Palestine conflict needs to come to something.

Am looking forward to the rugby world cup in Japan which will also be a test for the Olympics, there will also be a netball world cup in England where the She Cranes the Ugandan National Netball team will be.

über has been allowed to carry on testing its self-driven cars, meaning that artificial intelligence and managing it will top headlines. Still in AI tech giants will be everywhere but they have to get ready for regulators. Keeping on tech the question of digital divide has to be answered internationally and in places like Uganda since 10% increase in internet penetration is correlated with a 1.35% increase in GDP for developing countries according to the UN.

For digital divide gap to be breached governments have to support for local digital businesses and reduction on taxes on telecoms equipment, and fostering competition and clearer allocation of wireless spectrum.

The politics of 2019 will look like this for the world, countries with more than a third of the world’s population will have to vote for new leaders. We are talking India, Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa. As the Brexit thing happens the European Union will get a new parliament and new commission and a new head for the European Central Bank.

It’s going to be 2019 that half the world will be on-line, India’s GDP will overtake that of Britain and in Africa Nigeria’s population will reach 200 million.

Am looking forward to how the international community will take on Saudi Arabia and where the Jamal Khashoggi murder will end.

It going to be a long year politically even here in Uganda, there is too much mayhem from our neighbors just wondering if it won’t spill over to our end. Looking forward to the OTT court ruling and the constitutional amendment thingy appeal.

2 thoughts on “2019 will be a long one

  1. Well am expecting just the same in that arena and it’s gonna be chaotic. And it seems like we (Africans) are so focused on international business leaving behind our own problems and to make matters worse we make those problems seem to be ours. My wish in 2019 is that Africans should realize their problems and devise means to solve them at their own pace.

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  2. Tolbert thanks for passing by, Africans have always tried to make there own way but the west controls the real green lights.


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