KWEPENA felt like Time Traveling

After spending the most part of the 29th of July debating with my brother whether to go for Kwepena at legends we made a late decision to pass by in the evening and it was not a bad decision at all. KQ hub, Cheza Sports, polled off one of the events of 2018 in Kampala for all the right reasons. For starters it was a pro millennials thing, the statement this is our time made a lot of sense as the event unfolded.


Kwepena is an African game that is similar to dodge ball but it’s not dodge ball. Kwepena is Kwepena, it’s a backyard game played by children in Uganda so we all played it when we were growing up or at least got a chance to watch it as kids. But some few years Simon Tumukunde revolutionised the game and he was running a campaign to get it to the olympics, and in that bid we got to the fourth edition of the Kwepena event in the country which has been going on since 2015, it’s getting bigger and that is how I got to know about it.

beautiful people at #kwepena





i managed talk to one of the organisers of the event Wabwire W’a Joseph the man behind KQ hub and Youth Connect Uganda who i had actually met a few days early at UBHH talking about OTT. He is a real complete millennial and all the projects he is taking on at the moment are for a better Uganda, we talked about kwepena and i admired how much he believes in what he is going. For sure Kwepena will grow into some kind of Samba in South America since its Ugandan we can’t fail to embrace it.


Kwepena the event was more than just kwepena because of things like the blind race running with a blind fold over your face sounds crazy but it happened. DULU an old-time game, gyi luyi another game boys enjoyed in primary school. Later Tip Tip Tap Tap, wampologoma, tag of war, rope skipping all these made the pre schooling times come back to reality. It’s like we Cheza Sports had pulled off a time machine.












There was a tent too that had board games, for those who enjoy snakes and ladders and the likes. It being legends a sporting temple people did not fail to create the fun.



July had been a dull month becaues of OTT but Kwepena lightened it up with real physical social interactions. The fact that it was millennials spearheading the event it made it worthwhile and i can’t wait for future events, who knows how often it will be since its a hashtag phenomino now.


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