Us, Millennials and our Future

its been a while, I went against  the principle of consistence, it’s a challenge we all face. Am trying to come up with every sort of reason to justify my unreproducible to writing for the last few months, it’s not a block since have never been a perfectionist to hold onto tight instead its time, time, time, lately have failed to bend time. Anyway today is about us all those from the realm of generation x.

This is my second piece am doing about millennials and in the last few months my view of us is changing for the better since I penned down Millennials are we Synonyms with Adultescents,  we live at a time when the future seems dim but dim means there is same light coming through, our future is just obscure and it can bettered if we do what needs to be done.

it’s a fact that we are the brainiest and best educated group of humans to ever walk on the face of the earth, compared to our parents from generation Y (Baby boomers) more half of the oldest millennials have gone for higher education at university level and its equivalent, this may seem positive but a university degree feels like A-level in our Uganda  causing  our biggest challenge of unemployment since the supply of educated workers is far higher than the demand for workers.

For the few millennials that have found themselves in the work force, face a the monster low wages keeping in mind the difficulty of securing a job that utilizes our levels of education and with the financial state the world is in now which I mainly blame on the Baby Boomers because of their poor decision making  that lead to the melt down in the early 2000s we are likely to be here form a while especially if generation Y group is still producing C.E.Os and politicians.

The low wage issue has made us live in a constant frail financial state, according to the Washington Post Survey only 6 % of millennials feel they are making a lot more than required to cover their basic needs. How many millennials in Uganda would solve a UGx 2,000,000 unexpected expenses or problem before running to the Parents. We are living in this precarious times designated with bank overdraft. Today the price of anything can never be guaranteed to remain the same for 8 hours, that is how frail the economies we find ourselves in.

Due to the policies in place that define the system today, or establishment its sad that entrepreneurship is not our thing, compared to our parents days. Most millennials are not into startups. Self employment could be a huge stride to some of our social and economic hardships but The Kaufman Foundation findings are a bit  lamentable.

Unlike our parents we are less likely to have our own homes, it’s a cold fact that we have to be very watchful about. Okay at what age did your parents have their first house if you come to think about it. If you looked around among your friend, workmates in your age groups how many are independent renters or homeowners. It’s a common thing that millennials stay home with their parents up to the age of 35.  That is where we are, it makes us be Adultescents but in reality every thing is not going our way.


Educational debt has not been our problem but, with the loan schemes that have come in play they are going to affect us in the future. Every career field has a professional course and since some parents are not buying that staff after paying about $ 10,000 minimal at campus we have to go an extra mile of securing loans for further education to have a firm hold of the low paying jobs available.


There is no generation in the past that has had to deal with high levels of stress and depression, its one thing that is hitting us hard, 1 in 5 millennials in the working class have go through depression, as stress levels are falling for other age groups it’s the opposite for us, every aspect of our lives today is stressing, some we are to blame and others just happen to us.

If we don’t start creating the future for our selves, we shall never be richer than our parents.

If we don’t start creating the future for our selves, we shall never be richer than our parents.It will never be our time as many millennials always claim. It may seem plain but it is a cold fact. We have to go with our exceptional quality of transparency. Millennials in most cases don’t have trust for CEO’s and politicians because in reality they are never honest people, it’s up us to create an honest and open culture, with no walls between workers of various levels. The #hashtags have to continue in the name of transparency.

When millennials get jobs they want there impact to be felt and this is a positive, there are more likely to have a corporate culture and meaningful work. What one does at work should have a visible impact on co-workers, on the managers above and the whole organization they happen to be working for. This will make work meaningful and bring about settlement for our lives.

Many content creators have never met there proofreaders but they are collaborating on many projects, millennials are into building networks but reducing face time through taking on technology to the fullest after all we got on to social medial much earlier , unlike past generations we prefer teams and less about the organizations we work for and that is the future. Collaborations open up a lot of opportunities which is what our generations needs.


Working art home should be one of the options that millennials should look into and taken on, there are many jobs that can be done at home for example consultancy services, fashion industry, content creators, software development for both employed and free lancers. This will cut many costs and reduce on the stresses that we have to endure in assigned offices.

Millennials have to endure the pain of saving early to make  sure that we don’t work up to 70 since jobs come late and if they come early there are hopeless in payment terms, we have to forget the lives we enjoyed when we were younger and adjust our standards of living. We have to create  small think tanks to explore how best can we have cheaper housing than what our parents spent, for example the architects could bring about new eco-friendly building materials and new designs. The economist should come up with policies to fit the unique generation and social works should play their role by encouraging us to go into community support which can in turn boost the image of the corporate world as communities are benefiting.

Millennials in East Africa have to take up the opportunities that come with the integration of the economies of the six (6) countries, EAC may seem delusional at the moment but in Africa we are used to moving into a house before it completed, however dis-functional the community may seem to be there are opportunities like free movement of people or labor, cheaper tariffs on products produced in the region, and many others if the youth payed more attention to the EAC.

In third world countries like our, Trump best knows how to describe them politics should not be an option of making society better for millennials unless we are taking a full swing at it.

Is it really our time, what have you done as an individual from the realm of generation Y. How our future will be should have a positive impact to those to come from Generation Z our children.

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