Ink-net poetry at Le gala

March saw another inket event take place at Le gala Bugolobi and that was my third event even if it was called season 2 after the meet up at Wizarts in Ntinda last October which was season 1 but in July 2017 inket had a dinner poetry night at BBQ Lounge. Anyway today am telling you about season 2, at Le gala restaurant one of those nice places you can get yourself  a Five Course Meal or a Candle Light Dinners, Delightful Desserts and the Finest Wine Collection in Kampala,  it has this green tree cover that can make you forget that you are in the city.

it was the first time Ink-net stage an event on the weekend and you know what that means, competition from every sort of proggie, personally i had to forego rugby my life love, but poetry supersedes every thing because poetry is everywhere and every thing.

Ink-net season 2 felt like a Sofar Sounds gig but better with the rooftop treat,  of course Ink-net always has more performances than Sofar Sounds only that Ink-net does not happen every month however much it happens every day online. it was Rachael collecting the donations in exchange for ink on our hands.  The Event started slow with a movie that am sure Morgan selected making Dunamis work hard making us laugh because of the comedy from the movie, that classic Hollywood stuff that make your ribs pain. As the movie was going on the poets and other artists (we had vocalists, dancers, instrumentalists-Lang lang stuff) were getting into character and trust me leaving off your words is not easy.

After the movie Laker Patience took over and she was the host of the night and she did not dis appoint because she would do like a poem every time someone finished to perform, she made the night feel like the Oscars. But the first act was a dance, then Cesar a guest poet from the Ink liners  another poetry group  out there took as sailing with his words doing two poems a love poem and a poem about dreams that many millennials would like to come true. There was an act from the drunk poet, he makes being drunk feel special as he spits out love words, second time have seen him perform and cant figure out if it is an act or he does his thing tipsy. Lus the poet was on fire he too did two poems and i wish he did not get done, he is talented and he is going to be a big thing. there was comedy but the joke Dunamis did about Indians being pastors was crazy, those guys lead sales world over  if they joined church business people would give all their money to them, i wonder hoe he comes up with the jokes he is like some Ugandan version of Trevor Noah.

Acoustic Music does not come cheap today in Uganda because is done by very talented people but at Inknet we had enough of it from Kohen, and Tracy moonlight who feels like Sunlight when she performs. There were some interruptions from another party around, but the live music was killer in every sense.

Heights is a special performer and very creative he is one of those few poets that fuse poetry with music, he is in the ranks of George the Poet or the Silent Treatment, he did a love poem fused with Adele’s Hello and the vocals were done by the other Tracy and a very talented guitarist, the act was magical.

Diversity is another thing Inknet offered…….poetry, music, dance, movie and then three languages English a Tongue many those below 35 Ugandans living in the city even use to think, French for the first time on an ink-net stage by Aquila from the D.R.Congo who schooled us about being victims of nature a reality many over look. Then Luganda by Meddie and Ssebo Lule and ohh mai they did not disappoint, they were truly deep  and for the first time i realized how far poetry can go in local languages in terms of cash cows.

The last act of the night was by Elijah a pianist and for a week now i still remember his act, classic performance, when he did the Ed Shreen song every one was moved to sing along. For the organizers led by Ssemwogere Daniel we can’t wait for the next event, season 2 was moderate smaller than season 1 but inspiring i feel like i should even get out and perform on the next event.

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