The unification of Korea a myth or a future reality, but before unity why are there two Korea. The history of one Korea goes back to 676 AD, Korea has been divided before and they were existed the three Kingdoms of Korea till 676 AD when the Korea Empire came into place. In the 19th Century after the First Sino Japanese war it was taken over by the mighty Japan, and in 1910 it completely became part of the Japanese Empire up to the end of the World War II. Like in the case of Germany Korea was divided into two, the USSR controlled the Northern part and the United States controlled the South in what was called the 38th parallel and the two powers agreed under watch of the United Nations that this was for a while.

Elections were supposed to be organized but it was not clearly outlined how to territories controlled by two powers with different strategic ideologies were to organize elections and then Unite the whole Korea after. The United States came through when it established Republic of Korea through an election making Syngman Rhee the head of South Korea. For the North Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was formed unlike the South there was no election in the North, Stalin just armed the country and then left it to be with Kin Il Sung as its leader and his family has run the country ever since. That is how the two Countries came to be.

In the September of 1950 it’s reported that USSR under Stalin by then ordered the Northern regime to attack the South and since it had trained their army and properly armed it, it did. That event marked the start of the Korea war that is still going on till now technically. In a short while the whole Korea had been overrun by the North Korea and this was because the United States had not done anything to ensure that South Korea would have a formidable army as they have always done wherever they have been. As the war was going on the United Nations intervened and sent in peace keeping troops which looked more like the United States Army. This was able to happen after the Stalin had decided to boycott all United Nations activities hence not being able to exercise his veto powers.

As the South Korean Forces where corned to the southern tip of the Peninsular, the United states using the Navy was able to take back the capital Seoul and then push back the Northern forces and when it seemed like the South was winning the war Chinese troops marched in and Helped the Northern forces to fight back the United Nation Troops and in 1953 an Armistice agreement was signed.  The agreement was to cease-fire not make peace and end the war meaning that the war is still going on up to today, 2018 North and South Korea are at war.

The two Korea are a result of the Cold War; it was a proxy war between United States and the Soviet Union. North Korea is a Socialist State and South Korea is a capitalist state. The North has made advancements in the military field and today it’s a Nuclear power but its population is said to be very poor since socialist states are designed to be state businesses the citizens are basically employees of the state.

Even if military service is a must for male citizens in South Korea for at least two years or one serves a prison sentence, they still relay on Washington for security making it a semi colony of some sort. South Korea has the 12th best economy on the planet, and a leader in sectors like Information Technology; it is not a Nuclear power like its brother in the North.

Both North Korea and South Korea have huge ministries of Unification, it is said the South invests up to 1.2 Billion US Dollars a year into the unification matter, for the North it’s no very clear how things are done since there is not much Known about the country. In 1972 a joint statement was made by the two countries to star efforts for unification and there were no foreign powers involved in the move. More efforts in the past decades have proved to be futile.

The United States an ally to the Seoul regime is very opposed to ties with the Pyongyang so long as it is a Nuclear power. Washington claims that the North should denuclearize if it is to be allowed into the world order. The North sees that as a threat because in the past countries like Libya that gave up nuclear arms programs are now almost not there anymore since they were played in the long run. And that makes the biggest stumbling block to a United Korea.

Like in the past the United States has failed to do the mathematics, allows South Korea to develop its own nuclear arms program and create an India Pakistan situation. But Nuclear arms are not the problem here so that may not work. Hamas or Hezbollah would never dare to confront Israel with its nuclear war heads. North Korea has in the past year tested inter-continental missiles that threaten the United States no; it doesn’t because Iran has tested the same before. The arms thing goes back to a proxy between China and the United States over the control of the Far East.

South Korea and North Korea can work out issues in between the two countries if the United States army leave the peninsular, Russia  and China have historical rights to  Keep nearby because both powers border the North Korea. A military option should not be put in the picture at all, war is war there enough wars going on in the world.

As South Korea hosts the Winter Olympics in the Pyeongchang province. The two Korea have given a historical hint to peace on the peninsula. Both Koreas have decided to be one nation at the games and they are fielding a joint women’s hockey under one flag that has not been seen in a while. And again this happened with foreign powers sidelined.

For now Unification of Korea under on region is far from reality maybe a union like that in Europe can happen but not like how East and West Germany were unified after the fall of the Berlin wall.

There are matters like the economies of the two countries, in the case of Germany it was different from what is happening in Korea today. East Germany had an economy that was about an eighth of West Germany’s economy. North Korea is about one-fifieth of that of South meaning about 500 Billion Dollars would be needed to see one Korea realized.

Another key matter, but always over looked is that of ideological cross generational differences, the youth in South Korea are not open to the idea of a unified Korea, maybe because the United Nations has brain washed them well.

According to Cho Han-Bum a professor in a unification think tank in South Korea, the role of outside powers. In the case of Germany they peacefully agreed and Germany was unified overnight. But in the Korean question there is China and Russia on one side the  United Stated and Japan on the other that need to sit put their chess game at par.

North Korea and South Korea can end the war that has been on since 1950 and work out their own terms for peace without if they sideline the United States.


  1. This world is not ours we came with nothing and we will leave without anything no need to fight each other we spend few years on it and fighting for it’s goodies and we forget to prepare ourselves for the very many years to be spent in the grave , we were created to praise Allah

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