the cold war in the Middle East

The middles East Cold War

The 2015 nuclear deal struck between Iran and six world powers – the US, UK, Russia, France, China, and Germany. It was the signature foreign policy achievement of Barack Obama’s presidency and that is one of the reasons why Donald Trump hates it so much, he hated the Lou going by the tweets and the birth certificate drama back then. But there is another reason why Trump hates the deal or why he is forced to hate the deal and that are the close ties he has with the Zionist. His Son in Law Jerald Kushina and also expected to be the first ever first Gentleman of the United States of America since Trump wants Ivanka to take over after him after the eight years, is Jewish and a Zionist who think Israel should be the only power in the middle East.

The 2015 nuclear deal which trump thinks is an Iranian deal changed the balance of power in the Middle East for the better but Trump and the Israeli Likud think it was for the opposite. For the six world powers – the US, UK, Russia, France, China, and Germany or P 5 + 1 the deal was to let the Middle East be, lifting sanctions they had imposed on Iran was a way of letting the region shape it’s self since it was becoming expensive for the P 5 + 1 to watch over the vast region and it was the right thing to do since it was long overdue.

The 2015 nuclear deal had an effect in real-time on the cold war in the Middle East, which cold war is affecting the world however much some down play it to the Middle East ignoring the realities on the ground, just like they did in the past on cases like Apartheid South Africa. They have been good at ignoring the facts thought human history.

The Middle East cold war is between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, these two like the old days of the Soviet Union and United States of America who were foolishly seeking to have world dominance never officially declared war directly on each other. But this time it’s somehow limited to the Middle East which sometimes affects oil prices as far as Uganda, and politics in countries like Nigeria.

Today the Middle East has four failing states Libya, Iraq, Syria and Yemen and 3 wars waging. Events that are sucking Iran and Saudi Arabia to a Cold War through Proxy Wars they take up opposing sides in the wars.

Let’s briefly time travel and find out how this two oil powers got here and they are affecting how we use our cars. Half of the Middle East was the Ottoman Empire pre 1900 and after the first European war that history has picked to call the First World War the vast Empire controlled by the Turks crumbled and in the Gulf tribal wars played out and the Al Asads managed to form the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1922, then oil was discovered and a nation grow from the Sand. They also saw themselves as the leaders of the Islamic faith due to the location of Mecca and Medina but there were predominantly Sunni, the oil deposits were used to build ties with the Americans and that meant a lot with the privileges that come along with associating with the power.


On the other hand the Persian as they want to be referred to have been there for a while, going back to bible times, but that does not matter to them. Since the 18th centaury Iran has been facing Invasions by outer powers, Russia was a force in the North of the country in the 1800s and some Iranians see themselves as Russians a big piece to the dynamics of the cold war. Britain has invaded the country twice latest in the 1944 but did not get a firm hold of the country. Iran had a prime minister but Americans through a coup 1953 that saw the fall of Mohammad Mosaddegh who was an elected prime minister and replaced him with a Monarch rule by Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and in the Guardian of August 2013 the CIA bragged about the plot which also involved the United Kingdom directly. The events of 19th August 1953 meant that America was controlling both Iran and Saudi Arabia for a while. Reza Pahlavi was find it hard to rule since the people of Iran did not have an attachment to the King like theirs neighbors across the Gulf in Saudi Arabia causing the famous Iranian Revolution of 1979, led by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and supported by Islamist and leftist organisations plus students movements a 2,500 year continuous Persian monarch was ended to bring about the Iran we see today, and the claimed leaders of Islam.

The Iranian Revolution of 1979 scared everything out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, seeing a king fall next door meant anything could happen next. Adding fuel to the fire the CIA produced one of those document they are good at with some words covered calling it “Exporting the Iranian Revolution” and the Saudis panicked forming the G.C.C they are breaking up today with the technical war they are waging against Qatar. In 1980 the Saudis backed Saddam Hussein the then leader of Iraq to go invade Iran and take over its oil territories to weaken the theocracy but the war which had all world powers supporting Iraq hit rock bottom as Iran held its ground for a number of years. For some reason the Iranians acted like they had forgiven and forgotten with their pride. But Iran went on to send money and weapons to Lebanon were the Hezbollah a Shia power was coming up and becoming a force managing to force Israel out, and becoming the only Arab force to beat up on the Israelis in an open war in 2006 and even capturing the Sheba firms they have not returned up to date.

In 2003 the United States went into Iraq and over throw Saddam Hussein their once bae, and according to Kenneth Pollack a former Persian Gulf Military analyst with the CIA, Washington had no reason to go for that war because they were like babes in the woods when time past. For one reason both Saudi Arabia and Iran did not want the United States to go to war with Iraq because it was a buffer between them. After failing to replace Saddam which created a security vacuum, Sunni and Shia militias happened and the cold war in the Middle East had to take effect in Iraq, the Iranians sent in money and weapons to the Shia and the Saudis did the same for the Sunnis.

When the Arab spring happened which was in theory overthrowing autocratic regimes and replacing them with what is supposedly the people’s will Iran sent money to those on the streets in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. On the other hand the Saudi Arabia sent in troops to countries like Bahrain to crush those on the streets. The Arab Spring again scared the crap out of Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to drive since cars became part of human life, which will change some time in 2018. That is the kind of one side of this Middle East Cold war. On the other hand the Iranians who are predominantly Shia have come to the Aid of Al whites who the Sunni Saudis detest, and supported even Sunnis like Hamas in Palestine, for now Iran is winning the pro humanity card, with project as far as the Kampala.

In places like Syria, East of Iraq and Yemen Iran has boots on the ground a fit that Saudi Arabia can’t match as yet, since it has taken up the air strikes which have proven not to be effective at all in modern war fair.

In 2016 the Middle East Cold war went to new heights when the Saudis Aided America to suffocate the Russian Economy by flooding the world with oil produces causing a fall in oil prices which almost broke apart the mighty OPEC. A Stupid moves that lead to Russia change its actions in the Middle East and the world making Putin one of the strongest politicians of the modern times. For countries like Nigeria economies had to hide recession mode and for the would be new comers like Uganda and Kenya we had to slow down on oil related plans that seemed not viable for the last 2 year.

Saudi Arabia and Iran may never go into direct war but how far can the Middle East Cold war go and is it limited to the Middle East now that Iran can no longer trade openly with North Korea after the terms of the P 5+ 1

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