Syria trapped in pipelines

in 2003 Europe decided to have an alternative for Russian gas

Saudi Arabia on behalf of the gulf Kingdoms proposed to Syria

a pipeline running through Syria to Europe

in the bid not to involve his people in the war of European Energy

Assad rejected the billions of dollars evil proposal

Seven years later the proposal was  made through Arab masses

Tunisia saw of its leader in what was a fairy peaceful protests

in Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Morocco people were on the streets

some one setting themselves on fire was a glimpse of how far the proposal would go

in Egypt Hosni Mubarak resigned, in Libya a war of some sort was starting with NATO in the mix

On 20 October, Muammar Gaddafi was captured and killed, by rebels

the President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, officially resigned, and then transferred his powers to his Vice President

reports of the free Syrian Amy started propping up, the group led by Syrians who did there press conferences in English

the Free Syrian Amy started waging its military campaigns

weapons where flowing into Syria from all ends, People left Europe to go over throw Assad, again with very good English

Assad decided to empty his prisons by releasing radical who joined the confusion

ISIS was born  in the process and a geographical caliphate was put in place

Russia officially joined the war to fight the terrorists, that the western alliance had failed to over power.

Iran and Hezbollah grew  confident and Assad started capturing back territory.

the all Arab spring was about a pipe line that will never be constructed.

For the last seven years a war to solve European energy matters has raged

a refugee crisis and a modern mass Exodus of Arabs to Europe

Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis have hard to endure the Middle East cold war fueled by the oil deals that went wrong.

there is word that Iran has talk to Russia about a pipeline through Iraq, Syria and to the Mediterranean.

U.S.A hates to see a thriving energy sector in Europe

U.S.A is supporting the Sunni kingdoms that own the idea of a pipeline.

When the war ends Israel is at risk, since some of the 46 plus militias in Syria are there for training

will this world war, proxy war, economic war, religious war, civil war, military academy war end


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