ink-net poetry meetup at Wizarts

On 9th October I went out for an event, one that was organized by Millennials like me. it was another INK-NET event, in the past months i blogged about their dinner Ink-Net Poetry Dinner I had stumbled upon on the internet. This time they pulled off a bigger event in Ntinda. Today many artists and content creators have failed to muster the concept of economies of scale which is not the case with ink-net. And if they can keep up with this dynamic world there publishing agency in the making as Daniel Semwogerere hinted in his address. A publishing house or agency is no small thing but by no doubt going to happen and be a big success, just because of these millennials that are ready to forge their world, the only way a future is predicated is by trying to create it and Jackson Brave, the Dark Poet, Laker, Frendo Morgan and all those taking the lead at ink-net are at it.

At the end of last month the richest man on earth and his wife organized an event they called goal keepers 2017, so it was about millennials and many people were out there discussing issues that can help the youth take up their time, our own Robert Kyagulanyi was there George the poet, Traver Noah and Barack Obama made presentations. In his speech the for head of the free world talked about his belief in young people and what they can achieve if empowered, and allowed to be part of creating their future and shaping the social landscape of this planet all this made sense as the #inknetmeetup was unfolding.

When i used the event poster as my profile picture a friend of mine asked me about it and i explained to her about this group and she felt from my talk she should attend. That friend Rachael is my guest blogger or co-blogger for this one. She is one of those writers that are suffering from the silent critique, okay all those who write do. She is more of the Putin type those who write poems and keep them away from any body, the Russian president only just started releasing his poems he penned down when he was still in law school and with his pride i can’t call refer to that as a silent critique thing but am sure Rachael has the same condition about a thousand poems locked away from the world but i managed to guest blog at least.

the event in the eyes of Rachael Lanyero


To many, a place you call home can be where you feel a sense of belonging, It’s that place with which you have a special kind of bond and which those you share certain kinds of traits. Well i found a home far away from my home, where those of my kind meet…………………the kind that expresses their inner most emotions in a language that only them can relate to POETRY

As Uganda celebrated 55 years of independence, we too found an independent home at wizarts Auditorium where all kinds of youthful views mashed up. It’s where like a new family that I have no blood bond with meet and share thoughts to a world out of our own.  To me through my mind, eyes I could see s life that they “the performers” depicted and painted as they got wordy with loud thoughts. I got an amazing chance to listen and truly feel the views of the next shake spears Uganda can offer. Still debating in my head if they are not the current day Shake Spears. Those in the audience can be my witnesses………….from the likes of the dark princes herself Laker who was the Host_ess….only those that made it can relate  to the phrase. I mean words can mean even more when rhythm is added to them and yes there too was a collection of amazing voices and guitarists. Kohen managed to get all the ladies in the house melting and asking to be frozen again by the heart touching songs and as if that wasn’t enough Dunamis happened he cracked everyone up with his style of stand up comedy.  Haile is human and that made me concluded that maybe angels are not that  good at singing. George the Poet is a big thing but i think Zombie is far a head too.


I don’t know much about ink-net but I was truly brown away.


My guest blogger has painted most of the evening. I was late for the event came in after the Ice Breaker so was in just before Haile did her thing, she must be 6 some thing but its like it come with graciousness in her. I don’t know if Edwin realizes there a few of his kind the acoustic music, the one used in medical trials for depression. Morgan did something in a local language and that tome is the real thing the root of performances, that is why Ssebo Lule is like some kind of poetry god. Meddie who looks up to him can honor my call when I call Ssebo Lule a god.


Again i thank the organizers for bringing art together since we had Otim and Tugi dance, it lightened up the event. Credit to the dancers because solo performances are not any thing any one can pull off.

Am forgetting Lus, did he go with that cute babe, his poem outlining the real politicians who have raped every thing was something. Real and deep content

Heights poems where what many would define as radical but to Millennials they are reality and if this issues are sugar-coated then they can lead to the end of a civilization am not demagoguing just a realist putting things the way they should look. Zombie with his poem about meeting god in the bar and the questions he would ask him, the questions we all keep to our selves because of the way the Almighty has been labeled since we were young.

Rap poet, he had his version of HAKA its a rugby war dance for the all Blacks that motivates them before the game, so the Rap poet version was simple we would say ontotome ontotome and then the audience would replay tontoma.  He did a peice about the realities in our capital city that we take for granted like P.hD holders working as shop keepers in a sence, and he was playing a traditional musical instrument.

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Jackson Brave was really brave enough to tread where no poet would dare to go with his own style that turned him on am not sure about that any way but it was that 25 and above content. Sir Wootridge and Marybud the lady of girls like me had a few hiccups but they too did not disappoint.

That was the night roughly as I can recollect, to me i noticed one thing that struck me to the bone HOPE it’s all the world needs. It’s what that makes us wake up every day in the morning and it’s the one that keeps us going and when i comes from Millennials then the future is not just bright bu illuminated.

Ink-net is not heaven but if it keeps operating outside the box then there are no limits

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