What Kenyan election nullified means for Africa

After the Kenyan election I didn’t follow what happened next, because this is Africa, I had the ruling in my mind. I thought it would look like this…… “There were irregularities in the election but not enough to change the general result.” But as I was taking on the long weekend I somehow checked on twitter which I was not supposed to do foe these four days and there it was breaking news, then I thought about Donald Trump and his fake news thing but in Africa there is not much reason for fake news so I look for the hash tags then am looking for Kenyan TV channels and I realized history had been written and I imagined how I will jazz my grandkids about 1st September 2017. As I write this am also trying to wake up from my dream. Then my mind serves me right that Kenya is the header of East African region.

This ruling is special in this Modern Africa, but what does it mean, what we know for now is that a new election is going to take place in the next 60 days, which could be tomorrow; we also know Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga may opt not to run again. Or we may have more 10 other people joining the race. I have not the full details of the Supreme Court Decision but I understand the winner of the election that has been nullified is innocent, and the court did not tell the actual winner of the election. The only party to be pinned is the IBEC the organ that ran the election process. So as it is the IBEC failed to carry out its duty properly and it is now clear that the Kenyan Judiciary is the most independent in the world at the moment.

After the 2008 Kenyan Saga that lead to power sharing which was unfair to ODM, and then the Ocampo 6 and leading to the coalition of the suspects who have been running the country for the last four years, then Kenya adopted a new constitution that set out things right and reorganized that country setting it to its old model status in Africa has brought us to today.

Now that the IBEC is taking all the blame what is next because the same IBEC is going to be in charge of the fresh whole new different election, like just ripping a page out of the same book and using the same pen to write the same story. Africa and the world have to watch and take note of the wrongs here.  How an acting government is going to allocate funds for fresh procurements related to the election is also something we should look out because if I was the jubilee I would frustrate the processes.  60 days is too short to have a new IBEC so NASA has to know that it is most likely to be the same. IBEC is now supposed to assure Kenyans that it will fall through this time, sounds like a joke but that is what is going to happen and at a cost in terms of money. The IBEC also has to find new contestants for the post of president through the proper legal processes. Fresh campaigns are going to be coordinated again, its Kenya we here so we have to wait and watch as the script is played out.

As for the Kenyans come out to celebrate and those who are sitting tight in their homes, they should remember that after 2017 life has to move on. We should also notice that Jubilee has the majority of other electoral positions in Kenya at the moment holding the upper hand in the game.

For future electoral petitions in Africa the aspect of numbers should be handled because the court took its decision basing on the aspect of IBEC’s failing to uphold the constitution and dodging the real thing because we don’t know who won the election or was supposed to win it.

Africa should give up on this electronic technology bullshit of carrying out major elections, we don’t want to be like those guys whose president was decided in Russia, computers and algorithmic systems can’t be trusted because they can be manipulated.  The legal scholars from all over Africa have a case study to examine to guide Africa to a brighter future. But the aspects of proper constitutions have to be adopted and tailored to fit various countries because what happened in Kenya can only happen to you if you have the set up legal structures.

To me i think the Supreme Court in kenya today claimed michines voted instead of the people, so people have to come out in the new election and prove otherwise.

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