Sun shine

She has always been there, I can’t recollect the first time I saw her because have known her for ever. For a long time i had a wrong impression about her because i was judging her, for not any reason i must admit. There was also something starling about her or i just found her intimidating just like any other gorgeous lady. For all those that have not talked to her think she has an exaggerated sense of feeling good or I would say her being self-important to her self and I was among but it turned out i was all fallacious

Like any normal human being am attracted to the good things, I seek the company of the best people, and when i got my opening i got to use it and i realized she was exceptional, her intelligence did a number on me and i was curried away as we talked. That opening was fostering a whole different relationship between me and her, i found her less intimidating, started saying halo once in a while, she was honestly cornered about people, One evening she noticed i was on-line and she asked me i was on-line till late and i explained to her about my insomnia and she was very understanding. She is also among the few female who respect my relationship with rugby. She also sort of believes ones has a reason for every decision made so she never judges and i think she can get along with any body on the face of this earth.

Am a loner but of late I had started to experiment about being around people but I was very dispirited with how society can turn onto itself and was becoming even more of a misanthrope. I had got a thought that we really were animals billions of years ago due to how some people can be at times.

Just as I had lost it, she come along and she was like sunshine after a long night of a thousand hours. That is how dark my life felt like. Her friendship made me happy because she was like the definition of happiness. she took away some of the coldness in me it can’t go away completely. She is so exacting that i can never go against her because she has proved to be insightful most of the time. i have deep respect for her.

She was like a miracle to my life, some times she looks like an angle as painted in those mythical books. She is so pretty, pretty that I find delight in being around her because her looks light up the moment with her unending smile. She gives me sense of protection that i can’t even explain.

She is not perfect I know because she has told me about the darker side of her life, it is more scary, talking about it makes her sad that she has to fight giving way to tears. She makes sure she is cheerful to keep away from her dark and that is one lesson have learned from her. She is real, honest and true. She is my sun shine for now.  I hope she outlasts my longer night or equal to its length am sure then things will be brighter.


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